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Sports Hall Floor

We were contacted via telephone by a contractor who was building a new sports hall for a school. We were invited to attend site to survey once the structure was built and provide a quotation in-line with the requirements which included markings for a variety of sports.

We were contacted by a very reputable contractor at the beginning stages of their project to build a new sports hall for a school in Ringwood. They initially discussed with us in length about the specific requirements they had to finish to in regards to the floor covering and markings and invited us to attend site to carry out a survey following the first fix stage. Once we were able to visit site, as it was a new build it was important to ensure the concrete floor was reasonably dry prior to fitting any floor covering. To test the moisture levels we used a hydrometer. A hydrometer effectively measures the moisture leaving the floor, rather than the moisture content of the floor. We carried out the moisture test three times and found each result to be above the acceptable maximum of 75%. Due to the moisture present in the floor and the time frame the contractor had to abide to we applied a rapid two part epoxy damp proof membrane to the floor so that we could begin fitting the floor covering much sooner. Following the application of the DPM we spread a 3mm coat of latex smoothing compound throughout the area to give us a smooth finish to begin laying the floor covering onto. The floor covering specified was a specialist elastic sports floor with good bounce, friction and progressive shock absorption perfect for students to enjoy sports and activities. The floor covering was sourced and fitted to the sports hall without any issues arising. Finally, the markings for various sports were strategically and precisely applied to the newly fitted floor. All works were completed to the contractors time scales and to our high standards. Both the contractor and the client was very happy with the finish. 


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